Former Name was Aalphabet Global Institute

About Us

Who are we ?

Aalpha Global Institute is nonpareil in providing fundamental and modern educational experiences focused on leadership development through responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, fairness, devotion and compassion; all while being centered on comprehensive public service.

Institute has implemented modern, career-centered courses within exceptional, premier facilities as well as with rank holder faculties focusing on the latest instructional methods in the areas of business development and management.

Aalpha Global Institute is honored to deliver excellent training, so that upon completion, the student can gain successful employment, have financial peace of mind, grow into efficacious employees, and be an influential and virtuous member of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and promote excellence not only in education but also practical life of industries through onside industrial exposure of while assisting in advancement and utilization of knowledge in a comprehensive array of academic and professional disciplines; thus cultivating notable individuals who will be confident, having excellent communication, effective leadership in a variety of fields.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer an innovative, pertinent, and modern education and training made possible by a foundation of superior facilities in order for students to attain hands-on and minds-on educational experiences reinforced with academic proficiency; thus enabling the students to develop compelling, unparalleled work ethics while maintaining the upmost responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, competencies and devotion within their individual professions throughout nation.


Our Team

Dear Aspirants,
It is great pleasure for me to welcome you to Aalpha Global Institute, Raipur. In this very dynamic, global and competitive educational environment the Institute is in the process of proving quality education and reposition itself to meet the challenge that have been created with the information era.
The task is big to makestudents capable and skilled as per the industries and corporate demand but we will succeed in our mission.
Thank You.
With Best Wishes

Promotor - Rohit Keshari,
(CA Finalist & CS Finalist, SET)

Our Team

Dear prospective Students,
We are passionate about excellence. Excellence in the field of education, experience in our effort to groom our students. Our aim is to provide students with a learning experience that amalgamate creativity and commitment to achieve their designed goals, through various events, seminars, workshops and soft skill, development programs at Aalpha Global Institute. Our goal is to unleash the best creative and analytical potential of our students so that they can become excellence professionals and meet global standards.
Thank You.
With Best Wishes

Promotor- Jyoti Keshari,